INTRODUCTION : Why should I use appyReward Meetings?


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Whether it's a virtual meeting to animate your sales team, to attract new prospects or to engage partners, the reward strategy is one of the most successful way to incite, attract and retain your participants. Virtual meetings produce many opportunities, make them memorable by digitally rewarding your attendees.

Zoom users can now use appyReward to reward Zoom attendees in a minute, when they need; at the start or the end of the virtual meeting, and this without any IT resources. You can reward individual directly or organize virtual sweepstakes and instant win games to boost emotion!

You will find out in this documentation how to create the best attractive reward campaigns for your Zoom meetings.

1. Reward Directly all you attendees, run Sweepstakes or launch Instant Win Games

When you decide you’re going to offer a prize to your video attendants, choose first the best method you’ll use to reward them, a direct reward or a sweepstakes entry? By running a classic giveaway to reward individuals directly you offer a more direct compensation, you give an incentive to every meeting participant. Using sweepstakes entry or an instant win game to award great prizes to a smaller number of people would be an option when your budget is limited.

2. Choose digital gifts or Visa prepaid cards from our catalog

Choose rewards from our digital gift cards catalog that are most likely to appeal to anybody attending to your meeting (we offer 200 e-gift cards from the most popular merchants in US, South America and Europe that you only pay at their face value). And don’t forget to keep your budget in mind, especially if you’re offering everybody a reward.

3. Upload your own corporate prize or vouchers

Offer valuable content you might have (corporate gift cards, coupons, etc.) you upload. Here, there is no gift to purchase.

4. Customize campaigns for US, Canada, Europe and LatAm

We have offices in the United States and Europe to support your operations locally in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can choose electronic gifts in USD, CAD, BRL, EURO, UK £ or CHF.

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