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By running an e-gifts campaign to reward individuals directly, you offer a more direct compensation, you give an incentive to every attendee.


1) Connect to appyReward for Meeting and go to the dashboard, then click on “Reward Campaign For Zoom”

2) Select your Meeting from the list, select "Reward Individuals"

Select your Meeting from the list

3) Select the type of gift you want to offer, then select the country where the gift will be used

- Fill out the form with each required dates

- Select a time zone for your campaign

- Click "Next" to set-up the rules

4) Plan your budget

- Insert the number of contacts to whom you want to send the offer

- Estimate the number of recipients you think will participate and claim the gift (select percentage up to 100%)

- Choose a gift and fix its value

- Then click "Next" to validate and save the rules

5) Check all the details and configure the access restriction option

- Restrict your campaign to registered participants

By default, this option is enabled. Only participants who authenticated on Zoom to access the meeting will be able to receive the link. Authenticated participants will receive the access link once the meeting is over. Note that you can customize the email that will be sent.

If you enable this option, you need to activate the option "Only authenticated users can join", or activate the option "Registration" when you create your meeting. Otherwise, participants will not be recognized by appyReward, and they will not be able to receive the reward email.

- Allow access to all participants

If you do not want to restrict access and allow all participants, authenticated or not, to access the gift or your game's entry page, simply disable this option by turning off the switch button.

6) Click “Launch” to activate your campaign

7) Once the campaign is activated, share the Web Link with your attendees

If you allow access to all participants, You have to share the entry-to-game link. Ask for the gift link (that is displayed on a popup), then copy/paste it into your attendee’s chat or send it directly by email.

Additionally, you can download the QR Code, allowing you to access the same link.

That’s all folks!

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