How to Create and Manage a Reward Program

A Guide to Creating and Managing a Reward Program with appyReward Points Pulse


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In the following sections, we'll cover the essential aspects of creating and managing a reward program. You'll learn how to create the program itself, customize its features, and manage members both manually and automatically. Additionally, we'll guide you on setting up reward campaigns to provide incentives to your members, and we'll explore the different methods of offering points, whether it be through manual or automatic means.

By the end of this guide, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to establish a rewarding and engaging program that will leave your members excited and motivated. So, let's dive in and unlock the potential of a well-crafted reward program!

I) How to Create a Reward Program

1) Open appyReward
2) Click on "Points Pulse"


4) Name your reward program

5) Once created, click "Edit" to customize your reward program

6) Set up the URL where your members will access the reward program

7) Define the primary and secondary colors

8) Upload your logo

II) How to Manage Members

1) Manual Member Management

After creating the reward program, you can create teams and add members manually.

Members will receive an invitation link to access the reward program.

2) Automatic Member Management

Members can be created automatically through forms and surveys.

For example, when participants complete a survey, their members' accounts will be created instantly, and they will receive the invitation link.

III) Offering Points to Your Members

You have two options for offering points: manual or automatic with an integrated platform.

In order to offer points to your members, it's essential to create and set up a reward campaign first. To understand the process of creating a reward campaign tailored specifically for Points Pulse, please follow the link provided below. How to credit my reward program

1) Manual Point Offering

- Go to the reward program overview and select "Members."

- Choose the member you want to reward and click on "Settings," then "Manage Points."

  (Note that you must first create a team or group of members and then add your member)

- Select "Add Points" and fill in the desired amount of points in the form.

- Choose the reward campaign from which the points will be deducted.

- Optionally, add a comment that will be displayed to your member.

2) Automatic Point Offering

During the reward campaign creation process, select the integration option (e.g., SurveyMonkey).

The specified points will be automatically offered to members upon completing the integrated activity (e.g., survey).

Unleash the Power of Rewards and Become a Reward Guru!

Congratulations, you've reached the end of our guide on creating and managing a reward program! Give yourself a round of applause because you're on your way to becoming a reward guru extraordinaire!

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