Part 2: Adding the Reward Link to Your Alchemer Survey Thanks to Webhooks

Seamless Integration of Rewards with Alchemer Surveys


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Welcome to Part 2 of "Automate Reward Delivery with Alchemer." In this section, we'll delve into the practical implementation of your reward campaign by adding the reward link to your Alchemer survey using webhooks. You'll learn how to reward respondents seamlessly, making the process efficient and user-friendly. By the end of this part, you'll be able to connect your reward campaign with your Alchemer surveys, ensuring that participants have a straightforward and gratifying experience.

Thanks to webhooks, an email will be sent to the participant, allowing them to access their reward through a secure, unique, and unshareable link.

Having an email field among your survey questions is a prerequisite for this process.

1) Start by opening your Alchemer survey, then navigate to the last page containing the thank you message and click on "Action"

Please note that you can add the action of sending the reward on any page, except the first one. Typically, rewards are distributed at the end of the survey, but you have the freedom to decide when you'd like to provide the reward.

2) Scroll down the list of actions and click on "Webhook."

3) Name your webhook (this is for internal use)

4) Paste the URL you copied from AppyReward and select "Post custom fields."

- Please ensure you select the "https://" option

5) From the "Question to Send" dropdown, select "Email Address," which is the field from your survey dedicated to gift delivery, and click "Add field."

6) Once the question is added, fill in the "Variable Name" with "email" in lowercase and click "Save Action" at the bottom of the window.

After adding the Webhook Action, you'll find it on the Thank-you page. If necessary, you can make edits by clicking on the "Edit" option located on the right side.

You can now share your Alchemer survey, and each respondent will receive a unique and secure gift link to claim their rewards!

Say goodbye to manual reward distribution and hello to a hassle-free experience for both you and your respondents

Install appyReward today and start reaping the benefits of a seamless reward system!

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