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If you're running an anonymous survey and want to reward participants for completing it, using Universal Reward Links can be a great option. These links allow participants to access their rewards once they've finished the survey.

Once participants complete the survey, they will be directed to a reward delivery page where they can access their reward by following the instructions provided. Typically, this involves entering their email address so that the reward can be securely delivered to them.

Using Universal Reward Links can help make the process of delivering rewards to participants in an anonymous survey easy and straightforward. It's a great way to incentivize participation and ensure that participants are properly rewarded for their time and effort.

1) Create a campaign with a universal reward link

Universal Reward Links are a type of link that can be used for all participants and are easy to share via email or thank-you messages. This makes it easy to distribute rewards to participants, as they can simply click on the link to access the reward platform.

Once you have created and launched your reward campaign, you can simply copy the link provided and paste it in your thank-you message for your survey participants. Alternatively, you can redirect participants to the link after they complete the survey.

Step-by-step guide for creating a reward campaign for anonymous surveys

  • Log in to your appyReward account and click on "Create Campaign". You can also launch appyReward from your preferred platform (SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Jotform, Google Forms...)
  • Click "New campaign" then select, "Not Integrated" in Step 1.
  • Name your campaign and choose the type of gift you want to offer.
  • Set up the start and end date of your campaign and click next.
  • Set the maximum number of respondents you want to participate in your campaign.
  • Select the brand and set the value of the gift
  • Select "Control access to reward" (click here to understand this option) then click next.
  • Click "Launch", then click on "Reward Links" to access the link.
  • Copy the "Universal Reward Link" and paste it in your thank-you message for your survey participants, or redirect them to the link after they complete the survey.

    Need help with the step-by-step process?
    Check out our comprehensive guide by clicking here

Participants can access their rewards by entering their email address on the reward delivery page.

By following these steps, you can create a reward campaign for your anonymous survey using Universal Reward Links and offer incentives to participants in a secure and efficient way.

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