Send a reward to Paperform Respondents

Notify appyReward using Webhooks


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Would you like to send a reward to Paperform respondents after they complete your survey?

Webhooks help you communicate with appyReward by pushing your survey data to the appyReward URL called the Webhook URL. Every new survey response triggers a request to the appyReward webhook URL along with the survey response data.

Send gift cards to Paprform respondents

1) Create a reward campaign

- Go to the appyReward dashboard then click on “New Campaign”

- Let default "Not integrated", then select the type of reward campaign you want to create

- Fill-out the form with the name of your campaign, witch type of gift you want to use and the country where the gift will be used. Then fill-out the form with the “start date” of your campaign and its “end date” and select the right time zone for your campaign

- Click next to set-up the rules

2) Plan your budget

- Set the quantity of contacts to reward, choose a gift and fix its value. Then click next to validate and save the rules

- Click next to check the details and activate your campaign

3) Activate your Campaign

- Check the details of your campaign and click on the “Launch” button

4) Activate Webhooks (Automated workflows)

- Customize the content of the email that will be sent to the respondents

- Find the Paperform Webhook URL, then copy and paste the Url into the Paperform builder

- Open Paperform, go to your survey, click on "After Submission"

Click "Integrations & Webhooks" > Go to the bottom of the page and click "Webhooks"

- Paste the appyReward URL and click "Add Webhook"

- Now you’re all set to notify appyReward and send a reward to your Paperform respondents

NOTE that your survey must have an email field so that the respondent can receive the reward by email. If an email field is not in your survey, the reward cannot be sent.

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