How to send rewards with Typeform

Create a workflow to send gift cards to typeform respondents


Last Update 3 years ago

With appyReward for Typeform you can send a reward to each respondent, create a sweepstakes entry or an instant win game in a minute.

By creating a reward campaign and linking it to your typeform whenever a new typeform submission comes in, a notification is immediately sent to appyReward.

Respondents will receive an email inviting them to redeem their gift or attempt to win a gift by participating at your game.

You will be able to follow your reward campaign in real time directly from the appyReward dashboard.

What should you do?

1. Create your typeform

First, create your typeform and be sure you have an e-mail field defined into it (there is no need to publish it).

Why? The email is required by appyReward to proceed with the delivery of the eGifts or the game access.

2. Create your Reward Campaign

Sign in to appyreward and follow the campaign creation process.

3. Share your typeform

You just have to share your typeform.

That's all Folks!

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