How to Securely Reward Mailchimp Survey Respondents?

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Engaging your audience through Mailchimp Surveys is a powerful way to gather insights, and showing appreciation to your respondents is equally important. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of rewarding participants securely and seamlessly. Join us as we explore the diverse offerings in

appyReward's catalog, including Tango Reward Links, Amazon Gift Cards, prepaid cards, and more. Learn how to enhance your survey experience and leave a lasting impression on your valued participants.

Let's embark on the journey of rewarding with confidence and creativity!

1) Create Your Survey

Begin by creating your survey as you usually do.

2) Open AppyReward for MailChimp

Launch the AppyReward app for MailChimp.

3) Create a Campaign

Click on "Create a Campaign".

4) Set Integration to Not Integrated

Position the menu selector to "Not Integrated."

5) Campaign Setup

Configure your campaign by selecting the type of gift, specifying dates, and click "Next."

6) Define Participants and Gift Value

Specify the expected number of participants and define the value of your gift.

7) Secure Access to Rewards

Click "Secure Access to Rewards" and then click "Next."

8) Launch Your Campaign

- Launch your campaign

- Click "Gift Links" to get the "Universal Reward Link"

9) Copy Gift Link Access

- Copy the gift link access.

- Paste your link into the thank-you message (Confirmation Message) of your MailChimp Survey

That's it!

Upon survey completion, participants can click the link on the thank-you page to request access to the gift.

Control Access from AppyReward Dashboard

You have the option to allow or deny access directly from the AppyReward dashboard.

Accepting a request triggers an email notification to the respondent, granting access. If denied, the gift is released for the next participants.

This simple process ensures a secure and streamlined experience for both you and your survey participants.

Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to seamlessly integrate AppyReward with Mailchimp to reward your survey participants securely.

By following these easy steps, you can enhance your survey experience and express gratitude to your valued participants. The Universal Reward Link generated in AppyReward provides a straightforward way for participants to claim their gifts, while the dashboard gives you full control over gift access.

Thank you for choosing AppyReward — happy rewarding!

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