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Before creating your reward campaign with appyReward, you must first create your survey. Create your survey as you usually do. "The important thing to keep in mind is that appyReward will need the respondent's email address to send the gift link or the sweepstakes' entry link once the survey is completed".

Why does appyReward need the respondent's email address?

The email is required in the digital gift delivery process to prevent malicious use of your survey and thus protect your budget and for obligations of suppliers and merchants.

Should I add an email field in my survey?

It will depend on how you are going to share your survey. Either you already know the emails of your respondents, or you do not know it.


You already know your respondents, because they are your customers or a prospect base whose emails you already have. In this case, no need to ask them to enter their email when they participate in your survey.

- Using The Email Invitation Collector from SurveyMonkey

If you plan to use SurveyMonkey's email invitation collector, you don't need to add an email field to your survey. Since SurveyMonkey already knows the respondent's email address, SurveyMonkey will notify appyReward with that email address, and we will be able to send the gift link or the sweepstakes entry link.

- Using the survey link with variables

This way can be used if you display or send the survey link in your own. In this case you will need to use Custom Variables. By using Custom Variables, you will be able to pass your recipient's email address in the survey link. SurveyMonkey will retrieve the email address received from the link and forward it to appyReward once the survey is completed.

The link will follow this format:[var]

Find out here how to use the Custom Variables that will work with SurveyMonkey for appyReward:

Note that if you know your respondents, but you are unable to pass the email through the survey link for technical reasons. The easiest for you will be to add an email field in your survey by following the next step.


You do not know your respondents, because you share your survey on social networks, post it on your website, on your blog, etc. In this case, you must ask them to provide their email when they answer your survey by adding an email field.

Find out here how to use the contact information question type with SurveyMonkey

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