Integrating Reward Link Gift Cards by Tango Card into Your appyReward Campaign

A Step-by-Step Guide


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Welcome to our in-depth guide on integrating Reward Link gift cards by Tango Card into your reward campaign using appyReward.

Reward campaigns are an excellent way to incentivize and engage participants, and with the flexibility and appeal of Reward Link gift cards, you can create an exciting and rewarding experience for your recipients.

In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of seamlessly adding Reward Link gift cards to your appyReward campaign. Whether you're running a survey, organizing a meeting, or hosting an event, this guide will provide you with the necessary instructions to incorporate these enticing gift cards into your campaign effortlessly. So let's dive in and discover how you can elevate your reward program with the power of Reward Link gift cards by Tango Card and appyReward!

Open appyReward and login to your account

1) Click on "Create a Campaign" to begin setting up your reward campaign.

2) Select the integration that you want to use to deliver the gift.

Depending on the platform you choose, SurveyMonkey, Jotform, Zoom Meetings, Webex..., you will need to select the survey or meeting to associate the reward campaign with.

3) Choose the type of campaign you want to run: "Reward everyone," "Sweepstakes," or "Instant Win Game."

4) Name your campaign to easily identify it later.

5) Select the first type of gift, which is "Reward Link." Then, choose the country for which the gift will be available.

6) Set the start date and end date for the campaign. The end date determines until when the recipients can claim their gift.

7) Click "Next" to proceed to the next step.

8) Set the number of contacts to whom you intend to provide a Reward Link

Be aware that you have the option to specify a response rate, which corresponds to the percentage of participants to whom you plan to provide a reward. This will allow you to purchase a limited initial number of rewards based on this estimation. Then, you will be able to gradually add more rewards to your reward campaign.

9) Select the specific type of "Reward Link" based on the country you've chosen. You may have different options available. Then, set the value of the gift that you want to provide to the recipients.

10) Configure the security options for the gift. Choose between "Direct access to the gift" or "Control access of the gift." The first option grants direct access to the gift, while the second option requires the recipient to opt-in and receive a code to access the gift. If you choose the second option, you can control access to the gift from the appyReward dashboard. Then, click "Next".

12) Confirm the campaign details and click "Launch" to start your reward campaign.

By following these steps, you'll be able to add a Reward Link gift card by Tango Card to your reward campaign using appyReward.

Once the recipient has access to the gift, depending on the security option you set, they will have the option to explore a wide range of brands and select their favorite reward.

They will be able to access the full catalog, which features an extensive selection of popular retailers, exciting experiences, and more.

By following this guide, you will be well-equipped to navigate the treacherous seas of reward campaigns and conquer them with the power of Reward Link gift cards by Tango Card VIA appyReward! So go forth, brave reward campaign warrior, and shower your participants with the joy of redeemable gifts.

May your campaigns be legendary, your rewards be plentiful, and your participants forever grateful for the delightful surprises you bestow upon them. Now, armed with the knowledge and a mischievous twinkle in your eye, go forth and reward like never before!

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