6 frequently asked questions when using appyReward for SurveyMonkey

Here are the 6 most frequently asked questions to our technical team.


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We have sorted them to be as clear as possible to save you time. However, if you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here: https://app.appyreward.com/helpdesk

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Q1) How and when create my reward campaign for SurveyMonkey?

You need first to create your survey before creating your reward campaign. Open SurveyMonkey and create a survey as you usually do, then open appyReward to create your campaign and link it to your survey.

1) Open SurveyMonkey

2) Create your survey and add an email field to allow the participant to receive the gift

3) Install and open appyReward

4) Create a reward campaign

5) Set up your gift*, credit your campaign, and launch it.

(*) Your gifts will be available within 3 business days (order fulfillment). Contact us if you need to shorten the lead time https://app.appyreward.com/helpdesk

Q2) Can I create a rewards campaign and link it to my survey without an email field?

When you want to prevent your contacts from entering their email address, because your survey is aimed at contacts you already know (customers, contact list, etc.), you can use 2 ways:

1) Using “Email Invitation Collector”

If you are emailing your survey link using the contact list feature "Email Invitation Collector" with SurveyMonkey, the email field is not required. SurveyMonkey will notify appyReward with the provided contact email. Simply create your survey (without email field), create your appyReward campaign, and use the "Email Invitation Collector"

2) Using “Custom Variables”

Custom Variables of SurveyMonkey is a logic feature you can use with a Web Link collector to track data about people who are taking your survey. Once the survey is complete, SurveyMonkey will notify appyReward through this custom field to send the gift link to the respondent by using the email address received from that custom field.

Learn more:


Q3) How to adjust/increase your campaign budget once launched?

You register a lot of respondents to your survey, and you didn’t have planned enough gift cards! Don’t worry, even if your campaign has been running for a while, you can still add more gift cards to it.

The link between your rewards campaign and SurveyMonkey doesn't change, just click "Add more" and credit your campaign.

1) Go to Campaigns

2) Click “Settings” from your campaign, then “Tracking”

3) Click “Add more” and follow the instruction

Q4) Might I change the value of my gift for an ongoing campaign?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the gift (brand and value) for an ongoing campaign. If you need to change it, you need to stop your campaign and create a new one.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Q5) Can I use the remaining (unclaimed) gift cards in a new campaign?

Yes! Once your campaign is over or stopped by yourself, you will be able to reallocate the remaining gift cards to a new campaign.

1) Go to Campaigns

2) Click “Settings” from your campaign, then “Tracking”

3) Click “Use remaining gift cards”

4) To access your remaining gift cards, click on “My Gifts” from the main menu

Q6) If I don’t want to reuse the remaining gift cards into a new campaign, can I be refunded?

Yes! Once your campaign is over or stopped by yourself, you will be able to release the remaining gift cards and request a refund. We would reimburse you the remaining gifts amount minus a convenience fee of 15%.

1) Go to Campaigns

2) Click “Settings” from your campaign, then “Campaign tracking”

3) Click “Get a refund”

4) Click on “My Gifts” from the main menu, then “Request refund” and follow the instructions

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