2 - Create Sweepstakes for Zoom Meetings


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Using Sweepstakes entries to award the actual prize to a smaller number of people would be an option when your budget is limited.

Winners will be randomly selected from all entries received at the date of your choice.


1) Connect to appyReward for Meeting and go to the dashboard then click on “Reward Campaign For Zoom”

2) Select your Meeting from the list and select "Sweepstakes"

Note that participants must be first authenticated by Zoom to ensure that only attendees can claim a gift.

Please do not forget to activate the option "Only authenticated users can join" from the Meeting Options section when you create your meeting.

Software view:

Select your Meeting from the list

- Select which type of gift you want to use

- Select the country where the gift will be used

- Fill out the form with each required date

- Select a time zone for your campaign

- Customize the text and images, then write the message for winners

- Click "Next" to set-up the rules

3) Plan your budget

- Set the number of contacts allowed to enter the sweepstakes

- Fix the number of winners

- Choose a gift and fix its value

- Click "Next" to validate and save the rules

4) Set the number of expected attendees, and the number of winners, choose a gift and fix its value

Then click "Next" to validate and save the rules

5) Check the details of your campaign and click on the “Launch” button

6) Once the campaign is activated you can share the gift link with recipients automatically or manually


By choosing to send the gift link automatically via email, you request appyReward to send at the end of the meeting an email to all participants that have followed the meeting. You can activate this option by switching the activation button.

Furthermore, if you want to customize the email content, click on "Email Template" and change the content as desired, then click "APPLY".


Ask for the gift link (that is displayed on a popup), then copy/paste it into your attendee’s chat or send it directly by email.

Note that in both cases, participants will only be able to access the gift delivery after the end of the meeting

Note also, that the host is part of the list of participants, but he will not receive an email to enter the sweepstakes

That’s all folks!

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