Integrate custom variables with SurveyMonkey to automate the sending of rewards to existing contacts


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Under what circumstances should I use custom variables with SurveyMonkey and appyReward

When you want to prevent your contacts from entering their email address, because your survey is for contacts you already know  (customers, contact list, etc.)

Note that If you plan to use the "Email Invitation Collector", you do not need to use custom variables. SurveyMonkey will already notify appyreward with the provided contact email. Simply create your survey without email field or custom variable, create your appyReward campaign and use the "Email Invitation Collector"

This is how it will play out

1) Create your survey by adding a custom field that you will name "email"

2) Set-up your appyReward Campaign for SurveyMonkey

3) Share the survey by passing your contact's email in the survey link

How it works?

Custom Variables is a logic feature you can use with a Web Link collector to track data about people who take your survey. It passes data you put in your survey link into your survey results.

Once the survey is complete, SurveyMonkey will notify appyReward with this custom field and appyReward can send the gift access to the respondent using the email received from that custom field.

I) Create your survey by adding a custom field that you will name "email"

  1. Click the Design Survey tab

  2. In the left sidebar, click the "Logic" icon

  3. Click "Custom Variables"

  4. Click + "New custom variable"

  5. Set up the variable: The variable name will be "email"  ; Label (optional)

  6. Click Save

II) Set-up your appyReward Campaign

III) Share the survey by passing your contact's email in the survey link

Now that you have the custom variable called "email" in your survey and your appyReward campaign is ready, it’s time to create your survey link and add the custom value to the variable.

To create your Web Link and add the email value:

  1. Click the Collect Responses tab.

  2. Create a Web Link collector.

  3. Copy the survey link. The template for adding your custom value will already be added to the end of the link and will follow this format:[var]

  4. Outside of SurveyMonkey (in MailChimp, Oracle Eloqua, ActiveCampaign... or you own solution), replace the bracketed value with the values you want to pass through the URL.

    The end result will be like the following example

    "[email protected] "

  5. Send your invitation email to the contact list you want to take the survey.

You have not yet installed appyReward for SurveyMonkey?

Reward your survey participants with appyReward for Survey Respondents - SurveyMonkey App Integration

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