How to reward your Google Forms respondents?

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By running an reward campaign to reward individuals directly, you offer a more direct compensation, you give an incentive to every respondents of your Google Forms.

You can also create sweepstakes or Instant Win Games!

Using Sweepstakes entries to award the actual prize to a smaller number of people would be an option when your budget is limited. Winners will be randomly selected from all entries received at the date of your choice.


1) Go to the dashboard, then click on “Reward Campaign For Zoom”

2) Select "Google Forms"

3) Select the type of campaign you want to create

- Select a type of gift, then select the country where the gift will be used

- Fill out the form with each required dates

- Select a time zone for your campaign

{ If you create a Sweepstakes or an Instant Win Game customize the text and images, then write the message for winners and nonwinners }

- Click "Next" to set-up the rules

4) Plan your budget

{ If you create a Sweepstakes or an Instant Win Game }

- Set the number of contacts allowed to enter the sweepstakes

- Fix the number of winners

{ else insert the number of respondents to whom you want to send the offer }

- Estimate the number of respondents you think will participate (select percentage up to 100%)

- Choose a gift and fix its value

- Then click "Next" to validate and save the rules

5) Check all details then click on the “Launch” button to activate your campaign

6) Once the campaign is activated, click on "WEB LINK"

- Fill out the form with the link of your Google Forms

- To get your Google Forms link, open your Google Forms, click "Send", then click the link icon.

- Go back to appyReward and paste your Google Forms link, then click "Save"

Once the form link has been submitted, the gift link and the final share link of your Google Forms will appear

- Copy and paste the Gift Link at the end of your Google Forms as a "Thank You Message"

7) Share your Google Forms

Instead of sharing the Google Forms URL, share the follow link in order to secure the Gift delivery. Your contact will be registered as a participant in your appyReward campaign and will be redirected to your Google Forms.

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